The OCR Report has been tracking the Spartan US National Series all year long. Our congratulations to Lindsay Webster and Veejay Jones for their victories in the Elite category. Also, congratulations to everyone who competed in the Age Group categories.

For the first time ever, here are the full and complete results from the 2021 Spartan US National Series. One disclaimer: These are our “unofficial” results. If there is a discrepancy between our numbers and Spartan’s numbers, we defer to Spartan.

Click through for full Elite and Age Group results

The US National Series is a five-race series across all three traditional Spartan distances. The top three scores from each racer make up their USNS score. The man and woman with the most points in their Elite or Age Group category are the Spartan US National Champion in their division.

Congratulations to all who competed! Feel free to congratulate racers and take a victory lap in the comments.

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  1. Can you please help me find the 2022 age group series rankings? I’m surprised Spartan doesn’t publish these, but I can’t seem to locate them.


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