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2019 Women’s Spartan Season Preview with Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer joins Will Hicks again to discuss the women's field for the 2019 Spartan season. Last year there were five women who dominated the Spartan US Series. Jack says this year there will...

2019 Men’s Spartan Season Preview with Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer joins Will Hicks to discuss the men's field for the 2019 Spartan season. Topics inlcude the first race of the year in SoCal, the US Championship Series and the point structure for...

Spartan Announces 2019 US Championship Series Dates and Venues

Spartan announced the dates and venues of their 2019 US Championship series today. The series will kick off on February 23 in Jacksonville Florida with an eight-mile Spartan Super race and culminate with the last...
The OCR Report Podcast

Coming in 2019: The OCR Report Podcast

Welcome to The OCR Report Podcast! We are the only podcast to focus exclusively on the Elite SPORT side of Obstacle Course Racing. Each week we talk about who won the latest race, who lost,...

100: Amelia Boone. “This race is so special”

This is Episode #100 of World's Toughest Podcast! Thank you for listening! Celebrate with us by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts! Amelia Boone has dominated World's Toughest Mudder like no other woman ever. No...


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