Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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The OCR Report Podcast

We Talk Spartan Games Day 1 Recap with The OCR Report Team

Let's talk more Spartan Games. The OCR Report team (or most of them at least) go together to talk about Day One of the Spartan Games. Will was joined by Carlo Piscitello, Anna Landry, Mike...
The OCR Report Podcast

Spartan Games: Day One with Spartan VP Mike Morris

The Spartan Games is LIVE! Day one footage went live this week and we are here to talk about it. The Spartan Games is a four-day, 10-event competition between elite athletes from multiple different...
The OCR Report Podcast

Live In-Person OCR in 2020 with Hildervat CEO Dan Woods

Live OCR races are few and far between right now. One exception is the new Hildervat race taking place this weekend at Jacksonville Beach in Florida. We talk with race founder and CEO Dan Woods...
The OCR Report Podcast

Coronavirus and OCR; 7x World Champion Lindsay Webster

Coronavirus is causing the postponement and cancellation of multiple races, both in Spartan and the race companies. We talk about the current list of races affected and ask you to be patient. After an infection-heavy...
The OCR Report Podcast

Nicole Mericle: Your Reigning Spartan Race World Champion

Last year Nicole Mericle beat Lindsay Webster for the 2019 Spartan Race World Championship. Last week Lindsay Webster beat Nicole Mericle in the first race of the 2020 Spartan US National Series. Will talked with...
The OCR Report Podcast

Spartan Jacksonville! With Ryan Atkins, VJ Jones, Ryan Kempson, and Ryan Woods

Spartan has officially purchased Tough Mudder! This is the biggest news in the OCR industry since the OCR industry became a thing approximately 10 years ago. We open the episode with a brief discussion of...

Spartan Ultra World Champion Rea Kolbl

Rea Kolbl is a two-time winner of World's Toughest Mudder and the reigning champion of the 24-hour Spartan Ultra World Championship. Rea joins us to talk about her win in Sweden last year, the...

DEKAFIT with Yancy Culp and an update on Tough Mudder

Yancy joins us to talk about what DEKAFIT is, what it is not, and how it is different from the CrossFit Games and Hyrox. One big difference...
Spartan Acquiring Tough Mudder

Is Spartan Race buying Tough Mudder? with Spartan CEO Joe De Sena

Spartan sent out a press release on Christmas Eve announcing they have acquired an option to purchase the majority of Tough Mudder's international operations. The press release is below. As of December 26th, there has...
Karin Karlsson

Karin Karlsson: 2019 Obstacle Course Racing World Champion

The 2019 Obstacle Course World Championship was held recently in London, England. The 2019 15k race was won by Karin Karlsson, from Sweden. This is Karin's first win at OCRWC. In her four previous years...

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