World’s Toughest Mudder is THIS WEEKEND! You can watch the race LIVE all weekend long at Our own Will Hicks will be anchoring the race coverage for the full 24 hours. Tune in and jump in the comments! (You can text Will during the race at (619) 485-2726.)

Amelia Boone and Carlo Piscitello join the show to talk about WTM 2022 and what you can expect to see out on course this year.

Amelia Boone is the most decorated woman in WTM history with three WTM championships, five WTM podiums, and one Sprint Bib.

Carlo Piscitello is the cohost of Pis n’ Cox, the only YouTube show dedicated to WTM and Tough Mudder.

Carlo and Amelia share their thoughts on the obstacles this year, Carlo gives advice to the first-timers, Amelia gives advice to the elites, and they both share their favorite WTM obstacle of all time.

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