This week, I brought Yancy Culp back on the podcast to talk all about TMX, training topics, and the top OCR competitors in the 2018 season.

We start by talking about the Sacramento Tough Mudder X competition, and Yancy gives me a breakdown of the event from his perspective, from the athletes, to the layout of the course in comparison to last year’s invitational event, to the competition. He talks about the importance of running with this course in particular, and he shares his thoughts on what impact TMX may have on the sport of OCR as a whole.

That extends to a conversation about the impact that OCR is having on fitness and gyms in general, and I ask Yancy to tell me which sport truly has the fittest athletes on earth: Crossfit or OCR.

We also talk about the top athletes in OCR, and whether it’s genetics, training, or a combination of both that gets them to that level.

From there we dive into training topics, such as finding a balance between running and strength training, finding your speciality (whether it’s short course, long course, or somehwere in between), overtraining and how to avoid it, and the importance of proper running mechanics.

We end with discussing why the competitive field in OCR has gotten much deeper, and Yancy gives me his thoughts on the top competition to watch this year.


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