The top 10 Moneyboard athletes took the week off from winning that sweet OCR money so this week we check out Page 2 of the Moneyboard!

Veejay Jones (in 1st) and Logan Broadbent (in 11th) raced this weekend at Indian Mud Run, but there was no prize money at stake. Broadbent did earn some sweet bragging rights with his win over Jones, but unfortunately this isn’t the Sweet Bragging Rights Board, it is the Moneyboard.

Rebecca Hammond (in 2nd) raced in the HYROX US Championships and finished second to fellow Hildervat racer Lauren Weeks but that HYROX money doesn’t spend here.

Kris Rugloski (in 7th) had a great race weekend at DEKA Jacksonville, but she’s in the same boat as Rebecca Hammond. Non-OCR prize money does not count toward the OCR Report Moneyboard.

The rest of the Top Ten was either inactive, training, or celebrating a birthday (Lindsay Webster! Happy Birthday!) so we decided to take a one-week trip onto Page Two of the Moneyboard.

Logan Broadbent and Victor Quezada are tied in 11th place with $2,300. We already talked about Broadbent’s win at Indian Mud Run. Victor Quezada raced in the same HYROX US Championships as Rebecca Hammond and Lauren Weeks, but did not win prize money. Broadbent and Quezada remain in 11th place.

Brian Gowiski moves up four spots to 13 on the Moneyboard. Gowiski won a total of $600 for his three second-place finishes at Spartan Fayetteville this weekend. He has a total of $2,250 for the year.

Miranda Kielpinski moved down one spot to 14. She did not race this weekend, but according to her social media she picked up a new surfboard and named it “Skittles”. Kielpinski has a total of $2,150 in winnings so far this year.

Mark Gaudet and Rachel Watters are tied in spot 15. Gaudet made his way there by jumping up 29 (!) spots this week with his three wins at Spartan Fayetteville. Those three wins were good for a total of $1,500. Watters moved up three spots with her $600 in winnings, also from Spartan Fayetteville. Watters won the Spartan Super and finished third in the Spartan Sprint. Gaudet and Watters have a total of $2,100 for the year.

17th, 18th, and 19th place did not earn any money this week and they each dropped down three spots. Amy Pajcic, Faye Stenning, and Tyler Veerman have $1,800, $1,750, and $1,700 in their respective spots.

20th place is crowded with four athletes sharing the spot. Jaryd Flank, Rea Kolbl, Shawn Roberts, and Tiffany Palmer have all earned $1,500 in OCR winnings for the year.

Up next: Most of the race companies take the July 4th weekend off, but Rugged Maniac will be in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The July 10th weekend will bring us Spartan Palmerton, Savage Boston, and several local races that may or may not have prize money.

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