The 2022 OCR World Championships are this weekend in Stratton, Vermont.

The OCR Report is the ONLY place to watch EVERY pro race, all weekend long. There are four Championship races held at the OCRWC. They are the 3k, the 15k, the Team Relay, and the 100 Meter Championship.

Here is a link to each event followed by embeds of the four championship races.

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1-8) The Complete 2022 OCR World Championships Live Stream Playlist

1) 2022 OCR World Championship Weekend Preview

2) 2022 OCRWC Men’s and Women’s 3k Championship

3) 2022 OCRWC 3k Recap Show

4) 2022 OCRWC Men’s and Women’s 15k Championship

5) 2022 OCRWC 15k Recap Show

6) 2022 OCRWC Pro Team Relay Championship

7) 2022 OCRWC 100 Meter Semi-Finals and Finals Championship

8) 2022 OCR World Championship Weekend Recap

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