For the last six years I have created an ultra-OCR challenge to raise money for charity. Every year each challenge was arguably a worse idea than the last (as told in my book Ultra-OCR Man). As a military veteran who has lost friends in combat, I tend to focus on military-related charities that can help our country’s former service members and/or their families.

In 2022, the charity I’m partnering with is Infinite Hero Foundation (the same charity from Tough Mudder’s Infinite Hero Honor Challenge). They provide help both mentally and physically to our nation’s veterans.

Evan Perperis at starting line

My challenge for this year is to climb the height of Everest, 29,029 feet while doing obstacles at the course of Tough Mudder New England taking place in Stratton, Vermont the weekend of June 4th-5th. I am calling the event OCR Everest. I’ll start with the normal first wave, then multi-lap the course the rest of the day. Once the course closes for the night I will continue to accumulate elevation by climbing nearby terrain. The goal is to finish on Sunday, crossing Tough Mudder’s finish line to complete the OCR Everest challenge.

OCR Everest the 7th Summit

How can I help?

There are several ways you can help:

  1. Donate to OCR Everest via the link here. 100% of your donation goes to the charity.
  2. Show up to the event, pace me for any portion and make a $50 donation to receive a belt buckle. 100% of your donation goes to charity, we fundraise for the belt buckles separately.
  3. Participate virtually: Run your own mini-version of the event 2,903 feet of elevation with 28 obstacles in a loosely competitive format (details can be found here).  

After six years of challenges including Ultra-OCR at 21,000 feet altitude, 24-hour treadmill OCRs, 48-hour multi-lap OCR, and eight OCR marathons in eight days at eight venues in the middle of winter, I’ve honestly run out of ideas. This will be the 7th and final Ultra-OCR fundraiser challenge. It’s time to do one more excruciating challenge related to Ultra-OCR so I can focus priorities elsewhere.

Join me for the final Ultra-OCR at Tough Mudder New England on the weekend of June 4-5th. If you want to pace me during the day, you’ll need to sign up for the Tough Mudder. If you want to pace me at night, you can donate to the cause here and show up.


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