Saturday, March 6, 2021

OCR Talk

OCR Talk PodcastTalk show discussing the latest happenings in the Obstacle Racing scene. Find out what’s happening across the OCR Universe!

42. There’s Races Between Toughest South and WTM?

There were a ton of big races over the past few weeks. Jason and Anna catch up and talk about a wide variety of topics, ranging from all...

41. Toughest South Recap

Listen in to hear the details and controversies of Toughest South in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Jason and Anna share their take on the event and their own...

40. Toughest South Pre-race Chat

Topics in the episode cover USAOCR, Spartan, Crossfit, selling medals online, Savage Blitz, American Ninja Warrior, and World's Toughest Mudder rules. But most importantly we talk about our...

39. OCR Catchup: Spartan, Warrior Dash, and Grit Games

In the wake of NORAM Jason and Anna attempt to catch up on everything else that's been going on. They cover recent Spartan races, rule changes, Warrior Dash...

38. NORAM Team and Charity Race Recap with Brett Stewart and Sid Morris

Jason, Mark, and April sat down with Sid Morris (Battle OCR and one of the main builders for NORAM) and ended up getting a surprise drop in from...

37. NORAM 15k Recap

Jason, Mark, and April recap the days events while sitting next to the second to last obstacle (Urban Sky) watching the journeymen finishing up their race. This episode is...


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