Saturday, March 6, 2021

OCR Talk

OCR Talk PodcastTalk show discussing the latest happenings in the Obstacle Racing scene. Find out what’s happening across the OCR Universe!

OCR Talk Podcast

Thoughts with Jack Goras – EP 2: Calming Stream

April Fools turned reality. Here's episode 2 of Thoughts. Come step into a tranquil reality and relax with Jack Goras.
OCR Talk Podcast

Thoughts with Jack Goras – EP 1

Remembering our Enya days in these hard times, we've decided to change the purpose of our podcast from obstacle racing discussion to something that can really help the...

50. This Episode is not about Covid-19!

EP 50 - This Episode is not About COVID-19!   Jason and Anna discuss as much as they can without talking about COVID-19. Topics include:Savage Race new obstaclesGladiator Rock N Run last raceWho is the...

49. New Obstacles and Battle OCR

EP 49 - New Obstacles and Battle OCR Anna and Jason cover 2020 new obstacles from Rugged Maniac, Toughest, and Battle OCR before getting into a bit of what can be expected at Battle OCR...

48. 2020 Season Opener

EP 48 - 2020 Season Opener Anna and Jason catch up while talking about the latest happenings in Spartan and Tough Mudder. Live video version here: Stay Connected with Us

47. Q&A and Tough Mudder Update

Due to technical difficulties, Anna was not able to stay on this episode. Jason answers the listener Q&A's while really diving into how to handle and OCR let...

46. Talking Tough Mudder Possible Buyout

Mike Stefano from Obstacle Running Adventures joins Jason Dupree on a live stream where they discuss the possible buyout of Tough Mudder by comparing the founders of Tough...

45. OCR Podcaster Roundtable

Jason and Anna join Mike from Obstacle Running Adventures, Scott Knowles from the I Am A Spartan Podcast, and Josh Chase from Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chase...

44. WTM Recap

OCR Talk recaps the pros and cons of WTM 2019 while speaking about their own personal races. Listen in to hear the lessons they learned for next year...

43. WTM Preview

Two days before WTM 2019 a slew of athletes and pit crew got together to discuss the coming race. Listen in to hear Jason and Anna joined by...


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