Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tough Mudder

Tied For First. The Irony of Competition in Tough Mudder

I have always found the competition side of Tough Mudders a little ironic. How can competition and community cohabitate in a sport? Before diving too far into this topic, it is important to first...

The 2021 OCR Calendar (updated March 29th, 2021)

The OCR industry has begun to come back from the nightmare that was the 2020 race season. Spartan and Savage have already held their first races of the year. Tough Mudder is scheduled to...
Tough Mudder rolls out new virtual Milestones for 2021

Tough Mudder rolls out new virtual Milestones for 2021

Tough Mudder has added to their suite of virtual events with the new Tough Mudder Milestones. Participants have their choice of 12 physical accomplishments to work toward during 2021. Mudders can work on one at...
Tough Mudder The Equinox Ultra

Tough Mudder announces newest race: The Equinox Ultra

Tough Mudder announced their newest virtual race offering: The Equinox Ultra: Virtual Challenge. Taking place on March 20th, 2021 the Equinox Ultra is a 12-hour virtual race on a five-mile loop of your choosing with...


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