Friday, September 29, 2023

Jack Goras

Jack won the 2019 award for Best Photographer in Obstacle Course Racing. He is the official photographer for The OCR Report.
The OCR Report Moneyboard Update

The $10,000 Dollar Man: Veejay Jones Increases His Moneyboard Lead

This week on the Moneyboard: Veejay Jones is the first to cross the $10,000 mark for the year and Kris Rugloski moves up a spot with her win at Spartan Stadion Dallas. Veejay Jones won...
The OCR Report Moneyboard Update

Titan Rising: Lindsay Webster Makes Her Moneyboard Debut

The top seven spots are unchanged, but a titan begins her rise as Lindsay Webster makes her first appearance on the Moneyboard this year. The OCR Report Moneyboard tracks OCR race winnings all year long....
The OCR Report Moneyboard Update

Alex Walker and Logan Broadbent Make Their Move on the Moneyboard

Alex Walker and Logan Broadbent took advantage of a slow week on the Moneyboard to make their move. First, Second, and Third place were unchanged with Veejay Jones, Rebecca Hammond, and Ryan Kempson taking the...
The OCR Report Moneyboard Update

The OCR Report Moneyboard Update: Action in the Bottom Half

The action is in the bottom half of the board this week, but don't worry. Next week will have the action up you want up top. The top five places on the board are unchanged...
The OCR Report Moneyboard Update

Moneyboard Update: We Have A New Leader

WE HAVE A NEW LEADER and a lot of movement up and down on this week's OCR Report Moneyboard. First Place. Ryan Kempson takes the lead in the 2021 Moneyboard with his win at Savage...

MONEYBOARD Update: Top Four Hold Their Ground and Two New Faces Join The Top...

The OCR Report MONEYBOARD is the first-ever season long tracking of the winnings of the elite-level OCR athletes. The MONEYBOARD is an OCR Report exclusive feature and we are excited to bring it to...

Announcing an OCR Report Exclusive: The OCR Report MONEYBOARD

The OCR Report is proud to announce a first in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing: The OCR Report MONEYBOARD. Medals are great, and headbands are fun, but you can’t eat fun. You can’t pay...


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