We have wanted to have Kim DeVoss (host of the podcast OCR Coven) on our show ever since she released her very first episode back in July. However, we wanted her to build up a backlog of episodes (so you can binge her show now) before we had her on our show!

0 – 1:59 – Intro
1:59 – 7:20 – Quick News
7:20 – 7:47 – Content Preface
7:47 – 48:42 – Kim DeVoss Interview
48:42 – End – Outro

Next week’s episode will be something awesome that we totally have an idea about doing, this may or many not be sarcasm because episodes during COVID times are rough!

Episode Reference Links:

Bigs Backyard Ultra
ORM’s 500th Episode
City Challenge New Jersey
Inspirational Black Men
Jewish Inspiration Foundation
Jason Dupree 3rd at CTG Continuum
Erin Rost Engagement
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