Originally wanted to have a low key episode covering the Houghton’s Pond Trail Race that I ran and have Jason from OCR Talk call in about his Savage Race Experience in Texas but instead we finally followed through with an idea that I wanted to do for months!

Hear about who Javier thinks are the best looking athletes in the sport of OCR, music recommendations, stories of his mother’s immigration, and what his favorite Pokemon is!

Also we have no connection with “First We Feast” or “Hot Ones”, just a massive fan of Sean Evans and his show! Check out his episodes if you haven’t already!
First We Feast YouTube Channel!

0 – 2:09 – Intro
2:09 – 4:37 – News
4:37 – 6:39 – Content Preface
6:39 – 42:58 – Hot Runs Interview
42:58 – 47:20 – Houghton’s Pond Trail Race Recap
47:20 – end – Outro

Next weekend we will will be hearing from either Kay or Nancy about their Chicago Marathon experience!


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