Mike takes a break from renovating his new home, to travel down to Rhode Island to run a lap of Thrive Outside in the Mud! This event was run by Lynn Hall (does that name sound familiar?) she is the owner of BoldRDash! Lynn partnered with the non-profit company Thrive Outside, which helps build outdoor learning spaces and nature play areas in the out in the local community.

0 – 2:53 – Intro
2:53 – 6:04 – News
6:04 – 6:53 – Content Preface
6:53 – 10:45 – Vendors
10:45 – 47:00 – Brooke from Thrive Outside
14:39 – 24:16 – BoldrDash’s Lynn Hall
47:00 – end – Outro

Next weekend Katelyn will be at a bachelorette party but Mike hopes to hear from some awesome redneck who is running Killington!


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