David BeBeau died at Tough Mudder. Scott Smiley saved his life.

We talk with Dave and Scott about their life-changing experience at Tough Mudder Michigan and share their amazing story.

  • 1:58 AND WE’RE BACK!
  • 4:44 OCR News: Canada dominates the NorAm Championships
  • 6:52 Your NorAm Podium winners
  • 10:36 Are there too many championship races? (Probably.)
  • 15:23 TMX and CrossFit Championships
  • 17:41 New obstacle spotted at Tough Mudder SW London
  • 20:03 Rugged Maniac SOLD
  • 21:59 “Five Starrrrrs”
  • 26:42 David BeBeau and Scott Smiley. “The Day I Died at Tough Mudder”
  • 43:40 Wrap Up

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